Customer story: 3sixty2

Girl bosses and wine... now these are a few of my favourite things! 

Chuck in some charisma, some character, a good story and a cool business ethos and you pretty much have my ideal client right there. Which is why I'd like to introduce you to 3sixty2, brought to you by vintner, Alice Rule, a hard working Kiwi gal with big vision, big balls and a big heart.

362 is a number that represents the beginning of NZ's wine industry, and now 3sixty2 is also a number that represents it's future. 

In a career that already boasts awards, accolades and mentorship from innovators and big thinkers, Alice is challenging the status quo in an industry steeped in tradition.

3Sixty2 is a new story for NZ wine, and it was super fun to be a part of sharing it. I helped pull together website copy and also helped to tell the story behind the name.