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An enduring brand story

And a voice that cuts through the crowd

Story-driven businesses thrive because they prioritise connection and authenticity over sales speak and competition comparison...

They’re clear on their values, their purpose and their mission. Their core messages are craftfully interwoven with deeply relatable, memorable, humanised anecdotes that settle on the hearts of their ideal audience.

They intimately know the needs, fears, challenges and desires of their customers and speak into this truth in their own words.

If we want people to join us on our journey, we have to share a bit of our own. If we want people to believe in what we SELL, we need to give them a reason to believe in us. If we want to change hearts or minds, we need to be clear about the actions we’re taking. It starts with a foundational brand story and a defined voice that differentiates.

Give them something to believe in

In a world with overwhelming access to products and services, your potential customers want to land on your website and feel something.

They want a promise that they’re buying into something bigger. They want to see what’s possible, for them.

Competing on product, price, place and promotion doesn’t help you stand out. Communicating about purpose, principles, promise and partnership DOES. Do your customers understand where their need and your WHY intersect?

When you validate your own brand through your story, you help validate others in theirs. You create a place where their story fits, too. Your story could be your best selling point. Is it time to share?

A brand voice that gets heard

Branding is all about consistency. And consistency starts by getting really clear on who you are, what you stand for, and what your key messages are. The words we use represent us at every touch point, and show our customers who we are and what we stand for.

Which is why getting super clear on your brand voice and personality is a non-negotiable for an impactful presence. In fact, your brand can’t ‘exist’ without a voice; it makes sense to get pretty clear on how you’re showing up, communicating and connecting with your audience in a way that sets you apart, right?

Plus, writing becomes a hecking lot easier when you’re clear about what is and what isn’t your brand voice, too.

A brand voice guide establishes a consistent voice for your business, whether it’s for you, your own staff, or when working with external agencies. It includes:

  • Voice guidelines
  • Brand principles and personality
  • Content examples
  • Content policies
  • Quick checklists
  • A summarised style guide

What they said...

"At last we have found someone who correctly identifies exactly what we want to say even though we struggle to say it correctly, writing not being either of our strong points! Thank you so much Monica - you are a "keeper"." ~ Catherine Bendall

"Monica, you have this gift of putting concepts that can be difficult or new into structure that when you read it you think “of course, that all makes sense now.” You truly have a gift! Thank you for helping me get some of the thoughts, words and concepts out of my head and onto paper in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. ~ Dr Aimee Davis

Mark My Words | Auckland Copywriting

Your investment

Your brand story and voice guide will become your go-to resource whenever you’re creating content for your business - from blog posts, to social content to customer communications. It becomes the source-of-truth so you can feel confident that your content is always on-brand and on-point.

Get clarity for your brand starting from NZ$1800+GST

Starting from $950+GST when combined with Website Copywriting.

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