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Messaging strategy for meaningful conversations

And audience insights that shape more compelling content

You’re competing in a sea of courses, services, packages and podcasts. How do you get your messaging to truly resonate with the right audience so that they pick up whatever it is you’re puttin’ down?

You need to speak their language. You need to have insight into their needs, motivating desires, and the emotions that sit behind their decisions. Because with that knowledge, you’re then able to craft a narrative that actually connects with their own.

How do you do it? It starts with research: Voice of Customer research. Because without research, there is no understanding. Without understanding, there is no empathy.

And at the heart of great (not good) copy - copy that magnetises, filters and persuades - is a true empathy for the humans you're here to help.

Get an edge over competitors in the fight for attention

It can be pretty easy to follow the industry status quo when it comes to messaging, but digging into VoC research allows you to define your own value in a way that really resonates with what people want.

  • Imagine your audience reading your landing page or email thinking ‘Woah, it’s like this person is in my HEAD!’ 
  • Imagine them nodding as they scroll your sales page, saying ‘This is ME’.
  • Imagine them feeling heard, understood and relieved because they’ve finally found someone who ‘gets’ them.

Imagine them hitting ‘buy now’ and tappin’ in their credit card deets before you can say SIX-FIGURE-LAUNCH.

A powerful resource for more compelling copy

VoC research involves me having a yarn to your customers and asking a bunch of strategic questions. It’s essentially a means of stepping inside your customers’ brain, understanding their perspective and pain points and extracting out golden nuggets that can then be used to inform the way you pitch your product or service.

There are a few handy things that come out of this:
  • Some epic social proof in the form of testimonials, quotes and soundbites.
  • Content for customer stories and case studies.
  • Most importantly (IMO), really clear themes that you can use to craft way more compelling and differentiating brand messages.
  • Pretty specific language for me to use in crafting those messages (sometimes customers say it way better than I could ever write it and they don't even know it)

This is the stuff that sets you apart. The stuff you can hang your hat on as a brand. The stuff that really matters to your customers yet no one else is talking about. And importantly, none of it is based on assumption.

What they said...

"Should I admit it brought tears to my eyes? :) It felt like a big relief. Finally, someone manages to say what I want in mind and translate it into a beautiful story. When you work on a venture project with meaningful values but with so little tangible concept, ie. you're not retail selling shoes; it is a challenging task to explain with clarity what you're exactly doing. So here's another big thanks for helping me in that regards." ~ Claire Thiveyrat

Mark My Words | Auckland Copywriting

Your investment

Kicking commercial goals happens when you speak to the real needs, wants, motivations and challenges of the people you’re here to help. But it takes a bit of know-how to dig deep in the right places, to get the right kind of gold (copy) nuggets. It’s something I’ve taken the time to learn and refine so I can help you create a messaging framework that actually moves the needle on your content creation ROI. 

My approach includes:

  • Client interviews

  • Research report + recommendations

  • A messaging framework to inform content creation

  • Key messaging guidance based on your audience’s own insights

  • A suite of testimonials to leverage

Starting from NZ$4500+GSTStarting from $3995+GST when combined with Website Copywriting.

Mark My Words | Copywriter in Auckland

What they said...

"Both myself and my partner were blown away when we read through it, we couldn't have wished for better... In my life prior to Pouch I worked in the design and print industry for 20 years and during this time worked alongside many copywriters. I can honestly say I have never come across a copywriter who got something so right first time around! ... You are one very talented lady!" ~ Sharyn Foster