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My 2023 content marketing trend predictions

What’s ahead for 2023? Well friend, here’s a peek into my content crystal ball. If you’re thinking of where to put your marketing budget when it comes to content marketing, then here are 5 trends I’ve been spying…

Organic inbound. Organic inbound. Organic inbound.

I’m seeing more businesses switching off paid advertising campaigns and focusing more spend on high-value, optimised blog content. I’m not saying paid advertising is dead (it works), but playing a long game with good content is strategic.

Organic content takes patience, but it scales, continuing to deliver value long after you’ve produced and posted it. It helps people find you, and it helps them perceive and trust you as an expert.

You can see it would be beneficial to be one of those businesses that is already a step ahead with their organic content acquisition strategy, right? For 2023, I’d be prioritising an organic content plan, and then figuring out how paid advertising can support it.

No more paint by numbers

The best marketers don’t care about tools and content templates, they care about people - how they feel, how they buy and what they want. Research is everything. Talk to your customers. Use their language. Optimise your website content for your customer experience FIRST (not for SEO). 

Choose your own adventure

We’re less about the static downloads, and more into interactive content and gamification (like clickable infographics and quizzes) that give us a more personalised experience with how we engage with content and the information we get out of it.

Omnichannel fo’ life

I always think it pays to nurture the things that you own and can control - your email list and your own website content and marketing assets and offline customer experiences. Social has its place in there, but we've learnt by now that you can't rely on social as your only means of reaching (and growing) an audience. You don't own your following on social media, events (and algorithms) can happen that change the way we engage with accounts, you can even lose your account without good reason.

Brand voice will differentiate

Get really clear, like really really clear, on your brand personality. Dig into it, define it and decide how it shows up. There’s SO MUCH content out there, you need a way to cut through it. A distinctive voice is going to help you do that.

That’s just the beginning. Want more insight? Get in touch with me and let’s chat about your content strategy for 2023.