Hey, I know you. 
I’ve seen you before. In fact, we’re not too different, you and me.


You’ve got an entrepreneurial head but a drive that comes from the heart. You’re in business because you love what you do, you’re authentic, you’re an expert. You’ve got passion and purpose.

A dominating digital presence is what you’re looking for. With content that doesn’t just tell, but shows. You have something special going on, you just need everyone else to know it, too.

You want a strong brand story, a clear and powerful message that connects right in the feels. You want to be the industry go-to, and you want everyone to know your value. While you’re at it, you also want your content to play nicely with Google’s algorithms.

How do I know? Because that’s exactly why I’m here. I put the right words in the right order to deliver the right message to the right people - for businesses just like you.


website copywriting
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Fresh, unique and credible website copywriting.

Fresh - like it’s crispy and compelling, and fresh like, ya know, totally on fleek.

Unique - original content from a New Zealand copywriter who is passionate about their craft. No overseas outsourcing, no duplicate content.

Credible - well actually, my content makes you credible. I’ll whip up authoritative copy with an authentic voice that represents your business with style - not just sales spin.

Let’s tell a story that sets you apart

I specialise in understanding the brilliance behind your brand, mixing in one part storytelling, a cup of creativity, a dollop of strategy, and a sprinkling of SEO magic to create a serving of customer-conversion Kool Aid.

I know you’ve got a powerful message, now let's make it persuasive and pervasive.

Who wants what you’ve got? We’ll create an experience of genuine online engagement that is just too, too irresistible to the right audience.

marketing content creation

website copywriting

Without great content, your website will fail to hit the mark with the right audience. I create targeted content that communicates with impact to set your business apart.

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Meet your copywriter

Who is Mark My Words? This is not a large agency - you'll deal direct with a writer who will get to know your business and your marketing goals. Find out more about me.

working with a copywriter

How does it all work?

Haven't worked with a copywriter before? Find out more about working with me, the process and what you can expect.

Monica is an absolute expert in writing copy and is such a lovely person to work with, making the whole process an enjoyable experience. I couldn’t be happier! She has captured the very heart and soul of my business and expressed it with clarity and warmth.
— Alexis Simmonds

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