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Monica Shepherd New Zealand copywriter | Mark My Words

I'm Monica - copywriter and brand storyteller

I help boundary-pushing brands craft a brand story that attracts their ideal clients and leaves a legacy on the world. 

And I already know a bit about you.

You’re creating a movement.
You’re shaking things up in your industry.
You’re inspiring change.

You’ve got an entrepreneurial head but a drive that comes from the heart. You’ve got passion and purpose. You want to contribute meaningfully and consciously to make an impact on the world around you through the work you’re great at.

So, what you need is a dominating digital presence, one that doesn’t just tell, but shows

You want a strong and emotionally compelling brand story; a clear and powerful message that creates connection - right in the feels - with the people who need you most.

I recognise you. Because I’ve already helped hundreds of ambitious brands just like you inspire positive influence, stand out from the crowd, engage an aligned audience and convert customers through connection, not coercion.

Work with me

Compelling website copy (that plays nicely with search engines) and brand stories for purpose-led brands.

Learn with me

Sharpen your own skills and creativity with copy courses and resources created by me.

I’m Monica


I am one of New Zealand's most trusted copywriters, having worked with hundreds of businesses from start-ups and solopreneurs to international enterprises. With a background in linguistics, I've gone deep into the exploration of language and the psychology of communication. And with an intuitive writing style, I have the ability to listen between the lines, elicit the powerful message behind your brand and help you find and refine your voice.

I love the power that language has to connect, to inspire action or change, to make people think, to ignite an emotion or to take someone on a journey. I know what it takes to pull out the most powerful parts of your story, weave in your ‘why’, and sell your superpower in a way that is persuasive and pervasive.

My approach


The way I see it, there’s enough noise out there.

You’re not here to add more of what people don’t need. That’s why the right message, and a voice that differentiates, matters. 

It needs to be original. Impactful. Genuine. Engaging. It should be the story your audience needs to hear (not just the one you want to tell them).

Using empathy, identification, authenticity and credibility, we’ll shape meaningful messages and kickstart consciously-led conversations in your industry.

With a voice of authority - and packed with your personality - I’ll ensure your brand connects with customers with style, not sales spin.

I have crafted my method over a 14-year+ career in copywriting, with an understanding of inclusive language, storytelling techniques, ethical persuasion and buyer psychology.

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What they said...

"Monica was able to transform the vision of our brand into something that really only someone of her expertise, professionalism, humour and intuition could have achieved. Not only was she able to take our brief and run with it - she was able to give our brand the distinct voice and unique personality we desired, times a million! I am to this day overjoyed with what she came up with for us, and I often get compliments from our customers about the copywriting on our website. Her ability to swallow up your brand persona whole and spit out magic is phenomenal. She is a gem to work with - really I cannot praise this wonder woman enough!" ~ Yvette Shum

Yvette, Coral Cone

"She has captured the very heart and soul of my business and expressed it with clarity and warmth. After attempting multiple times on my own to write and rewrite what I wanted on my site I decided to approach Monica. The process started with question prompts from Monica getting out all of my murky thoughts and ended with me feeling extremely proud of my website and business.  Monica is an absolute expert in writing copy and is such a lovely person to work with, making the whole process an enjoyable experience. I couldn't be happier! Thanks heaps Monica, I really hope to work with you again soon." ~ Alexis Simmonds

Alexis, PIXI site

I’m trusted by some cool creative partners

Monica Shepherd New Zealand copywriter | Mark My Words

Conscious contribution

Working together not only does good things for your brand, but supports me in giving back to people and planet, too.


For each project I undertake, I contribute a native tree for planting through Trees That Count to help mitigate my carbon footprint as a business, while also doing my bit to protect Aotearoa’s threatened biodiversity.

I am also a Sustainable Business Network Impact Investor. SBN leverages collective impact to work on projects that create system change in the key areas of climate, waste and nature. They advocate for positive changes to be cemented into the mainstream.

Hey, I know why you’re really here

It’s ‘cos writing about yourself is tricky. So, let’s break that writer’s block. My guide to writing your own bio provides prompts that will help you shape an (actually interesting) story about yourself without feeling awks.

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