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I’m Monica

New Zealand-based copywriter & brand storyteller

Here’s a snapshot ~

  • 14+ year copywriting career, from start-ups to international corporations

  • SaaS & technology specialist

  • Former NZ Institute of Education Academic Advisory Board member

  • Planet loving world citizen with a soft spot for helping purpose-driven brands

And here’s the long version

I love the power that language has to connect, to inspire action or change, to make people think, to ignite an emotion or to take someone on a journey.

And the ability to put ideas out into the world through storytelling is something that has always been a part of me.

In fact, I wrote my first ‘book’ when I was 8 years old. It was written from the perspective of a decathlete’s pair of shoes. That book was laminated and put in the school library, dewey decimal number and all. If you ask my dad, he’ll proudly pull out a folder of stories full of the creative innocence of a kid who hasn’t yet been told to tame those weird and wild ideas.


The ability to listen between the lines. I get to the heart and soul of your business, put words around whatever it is that sets you apart, and help you bring your incredible brand story to life in a way that makes you feel proud.

Armed with a natural instinct for language and words, I pursued my vernacular curiosity with a Linguistics degree from the University of Auckland in 2005.

As a copywriter, I know this perspective plays a role in what sets me apart. I’ve dug deep into how people use language, how language shapes our identity and what it says about who we are. I look past the surface to explore why we say what we say, how we interpret the use of language, how language evolves, and its shifting resonance in an ever-changing world.

Because copywriting isn’t just about being creative with words. It’s about the deeper thinking, strategy and analysis that goes into shaping where those words fall.

I listen between the lines. What is it that you are really trying to say? How does your energy or emotion change as you talk about the work you do? When does your voice or body language change? Which word keeps coming up when you talk about what matters most to you?

My approach is descriptivist - that is to say, I approach your project with an open mind, allowing myself to take the place of your audience. I don’t come to impose ideas about what I think your customers want to hear. That’s where research comes in.

I’ve been helping businesses create an authentic online presence since 2010.

I have worked with hundreds of businesses across B2B and B2C, from start-ups to international enterprises, with a focus on creating high-performing digital content that supports wider marketing and sales strategies. Having worked in the tech sector for over five years (including, Xero, Jade Software, Figured and countless Saas and tech projects) also means I'm motivated to stay across the latest technology and trends, including AI, machine learning and automation software - and how they impact on marketing best practice.

My clients tell me they’re relieved to find someone who ‘gets’ business. I’ve worked in professional environments, I’ve been a part of start-up and emerging organisations, and I’ve dealt with the nuances and complexities of the corporate world. This perspective is so important to communicate effectively with your audience on your behalf.

Why I believe in storytelling

I liked words so much, I’ve also learnt them in a few more languages too, and after university I set off to use them, in varying degrees of fluency, while travelling through over 45 countries across the planet (I’m still adding to that list). Believe me, just knowing a few words can open you up to some pretty interesting people and experiences.

With my travels as inspiration, I reignited the storyteller within.

I saw how people were captured by stories, and wherever you are, to connect with people, you need authentic, unique, genuine communication.

Storytelling is how we bond; it’s how we find our tribe. It’s how we understand each other.

Storytelling, to me, is far more memorable than any sales spin.

My inspiration comes from people like you

Passionate, interesting, bold, brave business owners, innovators, leaders and visionaries.

People who are living their dream, following their passion, taking a risk, conquering goals, sharing their talents, pursuing that thing that puts a flutter in their belly.

I love to share these stories, and every single person or business has a worthwhile tale to tell.
Whether it is to sell your service, your product, or your ideas, the way to capture the clients you really want to work with is through authentic communication to foster a truly genuine relationship between you and the reader.

Want to chat more? Get in touch, I’d love to discuss how I can help.