Website SEO Copywriting

In an online world, it’s not enough to just have a website - you actually have to get found by the people that need you.

This is why the words on your site are so important. The words tell Google what your site is all about, and therefore how relevant it is to people seeking information, so that it can send qualified visitors your way.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO Copywriting is the part-art, part-science of getting the right content on your site, so that search engines put your site in front of the right people. It is not just about the body copy on your page, but also looks at titles, page names, internal and external page links and image names.

You’ve probably heard mention of ‘keywords’. Keywords are important to have on your site - but the inclusion of keywords can also go horribly wrong. If someone starts talking to you about 'keyword density', please, put on your shoes, and run a mile in the opposite direction. Keyword stuffing, or unnatural inclusion of words, can actually hinder your SEO work, not to mention turn away your human visitors.

That’s right - your human visitors are they ones who are actually going to hit that ‘buy now’ or ‘contact me’ button. So shouldn’t you be writing for them, not Google’s bots?

A human-first approach

That’s why I think of your reader first. Getting the right message is the most important part. It doesn’t matter how many visitors you get to your site if you can’t actually connect to, and convert them, with your copy.

My approach to SEO copywriting is to understand you, your business, your website objectives, and your target audience first, before launching into key search term research.  

That allows me to craft compelling copy that not only communicates with the right people in the right ways, but also strengthens your online presence through high-quality use of keywords.

I’ve done the SEO-jobby, now what?

It’s important to realise that SEO is a long-game. It’s not a matter of post-it-and-they-shall-come. SEO requires continuous content updates - this is where blog content and online articles are your most powerful tool.

Thoughts around SEO best practice do change, but one thing will always stay the same - quality, relevant content will always please the Google Gods. If you have regular, well-written, well-structured content, you can trust that your site will climb the lauded ranks, and stay there.

Don’t fork out hundreds of dollars each month to ‘search engine specialists’, without first investing in great copy for your website. You may be surprised at the difference some small improvements can make.

And if rankings don’t matter to you

I know that not everyone is out to be number one, and that’s cool too. For some businesses, their website goal is just to really nail their unique message and brand voice. I’ll just focus on communicating the heart and soul of your brand, with style, personality and authenticity that you’re truly proud of.

Work with me if you’re looking for website copy that is:

  • Results oriented – what do you want your visitors to do? Call you? Buy online? Your website needs to persuade visitors to action.

  • Simple and concise – the information on your site should be to the point and easy to understand. Remember, readers do not read your copy – they scan.

  • Optimised – I will incorporate key words and key phrases in to your site - without compromising the integrity of the copy. Make it easy for search engines to find you and increase your ranking through effective keyword use.

  • Professional – no distracting typos, grammar or spelling errors to take away from the credibility and professional image of your business.

  • A reflection of your brand – I get to know your business, products and services and your target customer so I can write in a way that accurately reflects the values and distinctive voice of your business.

“Wow! Just wow! Both myself and my partner were blown away when we read through it, we couldn’t have wished for better... In my life prior to Pouch I worked in the design and print industry for 20 years and during this time worked alongside many copywriters. I can honestly say I have never come across a copywriter who got something so right first time around! ... You are one very talented lady!”
~ Sharyn Foster

Create an effective online presence with the help of an experienced website copywriter.