Customer story: Kearose Candles

Kearose is an opulent candle collection that captures complex fragrances within the elegant simplicity of iconic monochrome.

Kearose's vision is to create beautiful scents that connect memories with a time, a place or a moment - but how do you communicate the power of these scents through words, so that your audience can connect with a fragrance and imagine it in their own home? 

Mark My Words created captivating candle description copy to bring these scents to life, and helped to tell Kearose's story - one of an eco-friendly business that creates products to energise your environment, without taking anything away from nature.

"AMAZING. Thank you so much! You have captured Kearose through beautiful wording just perfectly. So glad I discovered you and your talent!"

Immerse yourself in the luxury experience of Kearose.