Why Great Website Content is Important

These days, your website may be the first point of contact for many customers with your business. It’s not news that the way people search for and select products or services has shifted with so many consumers researching and buying online.

So is your website accurately reflecting your brand, your products or services, your people and your company values in a way that you are proud of? Are you conveying the same message as you would if you were face-to-face with your customer?

While good design, attractive visuals and usability and key components of a successful site, the written content on your site is likely to be what is going to convince your potential customers of your credibility and professionalism.

Not only does it give customers an instant impression of your business (take note – poor grammar, glaring spelling mistakes and awkward sentence structures are not going to do you any favours) but good online content is also going to help your SEO rankings and see you climbing up the page on search results.

Here’s why content really is ‘king’:


Fresh, interesting and engaging copy will keep people coming back to your site because they’ll see it as a trusted source of information, so it’s important to create content that fulfills what your readers are looking for.

Increase trust

Credible, knowledgeable content demonstrates that you know what you’re talking about – an easy way to convince consumers that you are just the right person for the job.

Attract links

More links is likely to mean more visitors, and if your content is working for you then it should mean more sales! Quality in-bound links are also fodder for boosting your ranks with search engine optimisation.

So how can you include GREAT website content on your site?

As well as well-written website pages, think about including non-sales focused information through:

  • blogs
  • online articles
  • checklists
  • ‘how-to’ articles
  • opinions or product reviews
  • industry updates
  • resources

And don’t forget – if you need a hand putting it all together, we’d be happy to help!