What is SEO Copywriting – and what does it mean for YOU?

The term SEO is used pretty frequently these days, and yet, when I sit down with clients, many of them say, ‘So, Monica, what exactly does SEO mean?’ I think many people wrongly assume it’s going to be far too technical for them to get their head around, and while you don’t need to understand all the techy ins and outs, it is certainly a concept that you should be giving your attention. A better understanding will help you make better decisions – whether that is to tackle your SEO yourself or invest in SEO services.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is the process of ‘optimising’ your website to make it as easy as possible for organic, free traffic to find your site. Search engine optimisation helps Google decide where it should rank your page and can be achieved through the use of keywords and strong in-bound links.

SEO copywriting, therefore, involves writing online content that is optimised by using keywords and key phrases (by the way, keywords means the words, and its variations, that people are typing in to a search box to find the information they’re looking for). An SEO copywriter will ensure that the search terms people are using to find your specific services are appearing in your web copy, in the titles, and in the subheads. So SEO copywriting is more than just straight copywriting. An SEO copywriter is also looking at content from the perspective of a search engine – as well as human readers!

Finding the balance

A skilled SEO copywriter will straddle the line between optimised copy and reader-friendly copy. Just as well I’m a libra, so as an SEO copywriter, I’m perfectly suited to finding a balance between achieving search engine rankings while still appealing to customers!

Quality is key

Google isn’t silly, but more importantly, neither are your readers. There’s no use jamming your site full of poorly written content hoping those little search engine crawlers are going to come feasting. Google is looking for quality, relevant, regularly updated content, and funnily enough, your readers are too. Keep your content solid with relevant, engaging info and you’ll find that fitting in keywords naturally isn’t so hard.

Other on-page elements

As well as the actual copy on your page, SEO copywriting can involve optimising other on-page elements for your targeted search terms, including the title, description, headings and alt text.

Compelling Content

On top of using keywords, your web copy is also an opportunity to actually include compelling content that other people want to share. Sharing means LINKS and links mean… yes, better SEO (nice one, you’re getting this!) which helps you rank higher on the golden Google ladder by making you look like the super reliable, trustworthy and authoritative expert that you are.

With the help of an SEO copywriter you can achieve optimised copy that engages with your potential punters. Have a chat with us about how we can help you create compelling online content.