What content should you include on your home page?

Internet users are impatient. They want information fast. So on your homepage, you’ve got approximately thirty seconds to set the scene and establish what you’re about in the minds of potential customers.

Design is important but even the slickest of designs can be let down by poor content. First impressions are of the utmost importance so you need to be clear and concise, with content that has impact.

Keep it simple and include the following on your homepage:

A description of what your business does: This sounds very obvious. But it is very important. If a viewer can’t ascertain what you actually do from the get-go, you can say goodbye to a potential customer. Again, keep it simple though – try to explain what you do in just a few sentences.

An explanation of why you’re unique: What do you do that others don’t? Why should a customer go to YOU and not others in similar industries? What are the benefits for THEM?

An injection of personality! Think about your image or brand – what makes you unique – and try to project that image through the tone of your home page.

Easy access to other info on your page: Leave your customer wanting more, but make it easy for them to find out more information on your website through carefully worded buttons and tabs.

Mark My Words specialises in clarity and impact: we can help you get rid of the clutter on your homepage so readers can find what they’re after – fast. We’ll get to know your business and brand to make sure your homepage reflects what you’re about – drop us a line to see how we can help.