Unexpected Places to Find Blog Content for Your Business

For so many of my clients, the hardest part of getting a blog strategy started is thinking up blog topics. You are certainly not the only business owner who thinks, ‘I don’t really have anything interesting to write about’.

But, I’m here to challenge you on that.

Every business has a unique perspective to share on the work they do, their industry, their experience and customer insight. Believe me, I’ve written blogs for businesses from plastic mould engineers through to laser hair removal clinics and second-hand gold dealers.

But I get it, if you’re a regular blogger, ideas can start to become a little thin on the ground. Keeping up consistent and regular blogging is important for both SEO and your inbound marketing campaign, so, whether you’re a once-a-day-er, or a once-a-week-er, I have 10 simple post ideas that will beat through blogger’s block so you can get your content calendar filled up with quality ideas:

1. Share your processes

Educate your customers on best practice to get the most out of their experience working with you. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you could perhaps write a blog post on the best way to provide a project brief, or how to give your designer the most effective feedback for a speedy review process.

2. Top books on your topic

Share your favourite titles on your favourite topic. For example, if you’re a life coach, what books do you recommend to your clients? Include links to download/purchase, as well as a brief summary of your thoughts.

3. FAQs

It’s likely that there are common questions that either your customers or potential customers ask. Keep a spreadsheet of these questions and use them as inspiration for your blog posts. These could be around the on-boarding process, or what is expected of your client throughout a project or engagement.

4. Customer case studies

Nothing demonstrates your services better than putting it into a real-world context. Social proof also goes a long way in building customer confidence. Check out my post on how to write the ultimate case study for tips on how to craft a powerful story.

5. Curate great links

I love this option when I’m too busy or simply just feeling a little lazy. Pull together a list of great reading, interesting links or thoughtful opinion pieces that have recently been published around relevant topics in your industry. You could consider doing this once a month as a monthly wrap-up of all the latest industry news – there’s one blog post taken care of every month for the next year!

6. Write a list

Personally, I love blog posts that offer me a whole bunch of tools or resources because it means that all the hard research work has been done for me! Here’s one I wrote about 50 tools that small business owners can’t blog without. What list could you come up with for your clients?

7. Predict trends

Show your clients that you’re one step ahead by sharing the upcoming trends for your industry. Are you an interior designer with some tips on the latest styling ideas? Or a web designer with insight into what’s going to be the next best thing for your customers’ websites?

8. Mythbust

In every industry, there are always some misguided assumptions from your customers. Set the story straight by debunking a few common mysteries around your business.

9. Go behind the scenes

Share your story! A day in the life of… or meet the person behind…  Share unique insight into your business and the people that are in it. These kind of blog posts always peak people’s curiosity and helps your audience engage with the people behind your business.

10. Share your own inspiration

Where do you look for your own inspiration? For example, if you’re a personal stylist, where do you get your inspiration from? If you are a nutritionist, what, or who, helps keep you motivated towards your own goals? Help others by sharing your own story.

That should help you fill in a few gaps where your blog inspiration is lacking!