Tips and tools to boost your LinkedIn profile

Social media should no longer be thought of as just a place for serial procrastinators – Social media might just get you a job. It’s becoming more and more common for employers and recruiters to use a little online site called LinkedIn to source potential talent for their company or business.

Jobseekers will be well aware of the importance of a well-crafted CV and cover letter – writing a resume takes a lot of careful deliberation. That same care should be applied to your LinkedIn profile. At Mark My Words, we like to think of your LinkedIn profile as a powerful source of personal marketing and branding – just like any effective piece of copywriting – with the ultimate aim of getting you employed!

If you are thinking of joining LinkedIn, or you are thinking your current profile needs a spruce up, here are our tips to write a great LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed by the right people.

The numbers are mind-boggling – with millions of LinkedIn users worldwide, how on EARTH are you going to get noticed? A critical aspect of effective web copywriting is searchability, and the same principle applies to your LinkedIn profile. Customers (in this case, your potential future boss!) will find you through careful and clever attention to the words you include in your profile – otherwise known as keywords!

Get found

Google analytics is your friend. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool can help you discover the search terms and keywords others within your industry are using. If you’d like to try your hand at Google analytics yourself, or other keyword research tools, here is a useful guide Mark My Words put together recently.

Do your research

Our other tip is to thoroughly research LinkedIn itself to get an understanding of current buzzwords in your industry. Search LinkedIn for other users in your field, and write a list of the common words, phrases and keywords others use in their profiles.

Be strategic

Once you have a list of important keywords to include in your profile, you need to ensure that these words are placed strategically. The Summary and Experience sections are critical, because these sections will immediately grab the attention of potential employers and recruiters.

Need help? Placing these words strategically can be a tricky task – you don’t want your profile to overuse these key words and become repetitive, or stale. Luckily for you, you can click here to see how Mark My Words can help you to utilise keywords in a natural way, so you can stand out from the crowd while maintaining searchability!

Keep it current

Don’t let your LinkedIn profile sit neglected in cyberspace, with inaccurate and out-of-date content – a bit like your old Myspace page, though hopefully not as cringeworthy. All content you keep on the internet needs to be fresh.

Your LinkedIn profile should be revised regularly. Ensure that the skills and experience you are describing online are the same as the content you have been providing in your CV and cover letters. And, if applicable, update your skills to meet current demands in the job market. Your LinkedIn profile markets yourself online – and your marketing strategy needs to be unified!

Anyone who has ever entered the job market knows how stressful and time-consuming the process can be – so let us help. While we can’t promise we’ll make you the next CEO of a Forbes 500 company, we can ease the stress somewhat by helping you write a great LinkedIn profile with clever use of keywords. Contact one of our experienced writers to have a chat.