Keyword Research Tools


We’ve talked a bit in previous posts about the importance of good website copy for keyword frequency. Keywords are the words or search terms that people use when they are searching for specific online content.

So, how can you figure out what people are searching for, and therefore what are the words that you need to be concentrating on when it comes to creating your web copy?

Here are some handy Keyword Research Tools that can help you uncover what search terms people are currently using to search in relation to your service or product.

My tip: Create a list of these words in your Blog Ideas Journal and use them as ideas for creating blog new topics, it’s likely that your keyword research will uncover a whole lot of questions that potential readers are asking, so why not write some articles that answer their search queries! (Don’t forget to include the keywords in the title too!).

Useful Keyword Research Tools:

Google’s Keyword Tool


Google Alerts

Google Suggest

Don’t forget – concentrate on more niche topics. While you may be inclined to write articles about popular search topics, you’ll also be writing about topics with the most competition!