Features vs Benefits

Recently I was asked to consider the features vs the benefits of the services provided by my own business. Thinking about this, it sent me straight to my website to check whether I have clearly outlined not only the features of what I do (copywriting, blog writing, online articles etc) but also the benefits (professionally written, optimised website content, increased website traffic, increased credibility etc) – and do I answer this question on every page? After all, it’s likely that if someone has found my site it’s because they know that they need a copywriter – so I don’t need to sell them on what I do – what I need to sell them on is the actual benefits they will gain from using my service.

While outlining benefits over features may seem like Marketing 101 material to some, it’s amazing how many businesses don’t understand the difference – and how critical that difference could be to their marketing and sales success.

A feature is a physical or tangible part of your service or product.
A benefit is the emotional or in-tangible reaction – in other words, how is it going to make the customer feelor what are they going to gain.

The features vs benefits question is one I ask all my clients when creating content for their website: what is it that makes you different? What are clients going to gain from using your service or product? Why should they part with their money – what is in it for them? It’s important to remember that consumers make purchasing decisions based on benefits rather than features, so consider these questions from their perspective.

Your website is often your first point of contact with many potential customers, which is why your web copy needs to be working hard to succinctly answer questions in order to convert browsers into customers. Do a quick audit now. Have you simply listed features? Next to these features, think about the benefits each one provides and how you could adapt your website copy to be more emotive in reflecting them. I know it can be hard to consider these from an outsider’s perspective – but this is where the benefits of using a copywriter come in!

Create a list of the features of your service or product. Next, think about the benefits of these – or ask your customers – and think about how you could include these to make your website text more compelling.