Copywriting rates: What should you expect to pay?

If you’re considering hiring a freelance copywriter, you’ll be wondering what these copywriters charge – and you’ll also be wondering how these crazy freelancers set their fees given that they are their own boss.

The truth is, the cost can vary widely and to make it even trickier, some copywriters won’t explicitly outline their fees. So it’s definitely going to require some research on your part to find the best copywriter for your business.

Let’s back up and define what we mean by copywriting though. It’s up to freelancers to decide which areas they work in, but here we’re talking about creating copy for the business market. Copywriting of this nature can include websites and blogs, brochures, sales letters … anything that’s going to generate business for your company. And the best thing is, many freelance copywriters are skilled in a number of different areas, and are open to new ideas.

Where do I begin? A good place to start your research is the trusty (or not so trusty) world wide web. Most copywriters will have a website outlining their skills and services. This allows clever copywriters to showcase their own work so that you try before you buy – literally.

To make your decision, come up with a plan before beginning your research, but do keep an open mind. Consider – firstly, how much do I want to pay and secondly, which payment method is going to be easiest and most beneficial for ME? Then, think about the following:

Is the copywriter a newbie or a seasoned veteran? As their own boss, copywriters choose their own rates, and usually fees depend upon their level of experience.

If you’re looking for a thrifty option, you might want to consider hiring someone just starting out – you will be able to gauge their style and skillset from their website. We’ve all had to start somewhere –keep an open mind and have a chat with the newbie to see what they’re capable of!

If you’re after someone with more experience and a lengthy portfolio, you can most likely expect to pay more. Testimonials are the best place to check experience. The quantity and quality of these testimonials will provide an effective synopsis of what the copywriter can do – so expect to pay accordingly.

So many payment options – how can I choose!

Again the key word here is variation – which can be a positive, if you do your research thoroughly.

To keep it simple, a copywriter might have a set fee where they charge by the hour/page number/word count. Others will not be so black and white and will adjust their rates to suit client needs, the size of the project, or how the project can boost the copywriter’s own portfolio.

Package deals are another option that can suit any budget, and these can benefit both copywriter and client. A freelancer might offer a special deal for small businesses, or a blog package where the copywriter will research, write and revise your website blogs for you.

Talk to them to see how to get the best bang for your buck – what many copywriters won’t tell you is that there can be a lot of negotiation involved in freelancing!

Okay, but can you give me a ballpark figure?

Well, we can’t speak on behalf of everyone but the cost of hiring a copywriter should set you back anywhere between $60-180 an hour

But what we can do is tell you what WE offer and you can find these details on our services page.