6 Big Benefits of Guest Blogging for Your Business

According to HubSpot’s 2014/15 State of Inbound survey, businesses who invested in blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive ROI – what’s more, guest posts are integral to this ROI improvement.

Guest blogging is the practice of blogger’s writing blogs to be posted on other bloggers’ blogs. Say that fast five times!

It sounds like a mouthful, and it kind of is. Guest blogging works one of two ways – firstly, that you write a post to appear on another person’s blog and secondly, another person writes a post to appear on your blog. Guest blogging is a hot topic in the content marketing world, and despite persistent naysayers, guest blogging is not dead, I repeat, not dead.

Conveniently, there are benefits in the guest blogging game for BOTH parties, the guest blogger and the host blog. Here are 6 ways that you’ll benefit from including guest blogging as part of your marketing strategy:

1. Greater Reach

The opportunity to network within your community/subject group is huge, by diversifying your content and providing readers with another perspective on a subject, new faces flow naturally towards your blog.

By allowing others to post content on your blog, not only are they benefiting from a whole new realm of exposure, you as the host are opening up new avenues of communication between others in your niche.

Loyal followers of the guest blogger may find that when visiting your blog, they want to become your loyal follower too, and this works in reverse too of course – your followers may decide they’d also like to follow your guest. Building your fan base need not be limited to just your blog, this can also flow over to your treasured social media accounts.

2. Link Opportunities

With the use of natural back links, guest blogging presents a highly effective way of strengthening your SEO. Where possible, aim for websites with high authority to give your own site some powerful link juice.

3. Increased Authority

Associating your business with well-regarded brands can help boost credibility for your own business. Having blogs published on other sites demonstrates that others recognise the value of your expertise. You’ll start to becoming known as an expert in your field, and be called upon for to comment on industry opinion pieces and articles.

4. An Opportunity for Self-Promotion

Guest blog posts should never be used as a means to hard sell, however, they still present an opportunity for you to promote your expertise, a particular campaign or your services, and direct readers to your website or other resources to find out more about you.

5. Take a load off

Without getting off track here, let’s talk about relaxation for a minute. It can be hard to find the time to regularly fit writing into your schedule but by handing over the reins and providing other writers the opportunity to post content on your blog, you essentially have a busy and active blog, without having to lift a single finger. Give yourself a week off writing, otherwise use the time wisely to focus on other areas of your business.

6. Target a niche

Guest blogs allow you to market to a particular niche by creating targeted content. For example, do you want to target new families and let them know about the importance of life insurance? Then approach parenting blogs and offer your guest submission. Likewise, leverage the knowledge of a guest blogger to capture the attention of a customer you are hoping to draw into your own business.

We spoke with Laura Douglas from the Workher who started guest blogging a few months ago to ‘try and help get her voice out there.’

“It’s a way to grow your audience and expand your reach even further. I blog about career advice, issues and inspiration for young women, so I’ve been writing guest articles for other sites’ careers sections, that have a similar target audience.

“On the other side of the coin, it can be an avenue for you to write about topics you don’t normally cover and that might not suit your blog. For example, I probably wouldn’t share my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe on The Workher but that’s a chance to organise a guest post for someone else’s more relevant site!

“Other benefits include social media growth – you can ask the blogger you’re writing for to tag you in their social media shares as the author – and you have more examples for your writing portfolio.

“You might not see spikes in traffic right away but I think guest blogging is part of a longer term strategy. It can be a tool to help you establish credibility in your niche.

“Plus, I’m a passionate writer, so it’s always a thrill seeing my name in the by-line on other sites!”

What benefits has guest blogging provided for you? We’ve talked about exposure, networking, increased influence, backlinks and social media. While it certainly takes dedication to write consistently interesting posts, it appears the guest blogging phenomenon has its perks for those willing to invest.