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Mark My Words AI Policy

There is no doubt that AI is helpful. However, as someone who is selling creative services, I believe that it's important to be transparent about how AI is incorporated into my work for clients.

Like any industry, new technology and tools emerge that support and enable us to do our work in more efficient and effective ways. For the copywriting industry, AI technology can support and augment written content creation, however it is not a complete replacement or solution.

I guarantee that my work for you will always be original and leverage my 14+ years of experience writing engaging, strategic copy, with an understanding of inclusive language, storytelling techniques, ethical persuasion and buyer psychology.

How do I use AI?

I specialise in writing copy that is entirely original, research-based and strategic. To accomplish that, I maintain the role of primary writer — doing the important thinking, strategising, writing and editing myself.

I may, however, use AI as a kind of 'writer’s assistant'. For example, I might use AI technology to:

  • Transcribe an interview.

  • Summarise an article, web page, or video.

  • Provide overview of a topic and suggest reputable sources.

  • Provide high level insights into a target market.

  • Generate ideas for creative concepts or content topics. (AI can be a great brainstorming buddy.)

  • Come up with fresh examples, scenarios, stories, analogies, metaphors, turns-of-phrases, etc. to use in the copy.

  • Proofread for typos, grammar, and other errors.

Sensitive Information

If you provide me with information that is sensitive, proprietary or confidential, I will never input that information into an AI without your approval. You can also read my Privacy Policy.

Mark My Words Policy

I create original content: AI tools like ChatGPT rely on data that already exists. Therefore it is against my standards to rely on AI to create original content. I only use AI tools to support my existing skills, not replace them.

I never rely on AI for research: All research is carried out by me to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible. I'm conscious of bias or misleading information and 'hallucinations' provided by AI. Any AI-assisted content is reviewed for misinformation, bias or offensive material.

I take data privacy seriously: I don't input sensitive or confidential information into AI platforms. I don't train any AI tools with first- or third-party data.

I disclose the use of AI: This policy will be shared with clients through my services agreement. Any use of AI, such as meeting assistants or transcription software for notetaking, is disclosed before use, with explicit mention of who has access to the information and how it is handled.

I stand by the integrity of my work: I don't use AI for any services or processes where it could undermine the integrity, performance or quality of my work, or that of my clients'. I endeavour to provide nuanced perspective, critical thought and independent research. 

I continue to learn: I continue to assess developments in AI capabilities and embrace responsible use of tools based on suitability and alignment with my standards, while remaining true to my core principles and integrity around creating original work.

Get in touch

The bottom line is: I will always produce original work - my reputation depends on it! If you have questions or concerns about the use of AI, I'm happy to chat.