A human voice for your tech business

The rate at which technology is changing and bringing new ideas to the market is exciting. But it also means that, as consumers, we are faced with huge choice on software, systems and apps in both our professional and personal worlds.

As a software company, that means you’re selling to a savvy and selective market. Never before has value - and values - been more important to them. That means you’ve got to not only be delivering real value through your offering, but you’ve also got to make some noise as a company that stands up, speaks a unique voice, and is proud about who they are and what they stand for.

Get the message out there

You’ve poured your heart, soul and seemingly endless hours into building your tech solution.

Now you need an audience who doesn’t just buy it, but believes in it.

This is where every engagement with your customer matters - from your website, to your customer service chatbot, to your in-app buttons.

A consistent voice is critical to their overall brand experience. After all, your tool is likely to very much become a part of their day-to-day life; how enjoyable you make it for them, could make all the difference. Communicating and connecting through your website is the first step, but are you continuing to engage with your customers through all your touch points in a way that still accurately reflects your brand?

You’re probably brilliant at what you do (ya know, that code stuff). And, just like it’s best that I leave the development to you, it’s best you leave your customer communications to someone who can take out the tech speak, and instead speak to the pain points, priorities and principles of your target audience.

Technology & SaaS copywriter

I’ve been working in the ‘tech space’ for a few years now. What this means is that half the hard work is already done. I understand your world. I’ve been there in start-up phase, I’ve been there through growth, and I’ve been there in a well-established enterprise technology company.

I get the lingo, I get the challenges, and I get the dynamics of a fast-paced, innovative, progressive technology company.


Who am I?

I am an experienced copywriter, content marketer and content strategist, specialising in tech marketing and SaaS.

I have worked across B2B and B2C, from start-ups to enterprise software, with a focus on creating high-performing digital content that supports wider marketing and sales strategies. Working in the tech sector also means I'm motivated to stay across the latest technology and trends, including AI, machine learning and automation software - and how they impact on marketing best practice.

This experience has included:

  • Customer and partner marketing specialist for WorkflowMax (A Xero-owned product)

  • Marketing Manager for Figured (Farm accounting SaaS)

  • Marketing Content Manager for Jade Software

  • Freelance copywriter for several other software platforms and apps, including Nexmo, Preno, Jade and Ambit

I'd love to find out more about your product, your brand, and your vision, and discuss how I may be able to help you bring it to life for your audience.

Establish a voice that connects with your target audience.