Monica Shepherd, BA, DipEdit: Director & copywriter


Armed with a passion and natural instinct for language and words, I pursued my vernacular curiosity with a Linguistics and Language Teaching degree from the University of Auckland in 2005. Why we say what we say, how we interpret what is said, how language evolves, its ever-changing applications and the power of communication in its many forms is what I wanted to understand.

In fact, I liked words so much, I also learned them in a few more languages too, and I’ve used them, in varying degrees of fluency, while travelling through over 45 countries across the planet.  (I’m still adding to that list). Believe me, just knowing a few words can open you up to some pretty interesting people and experiences.

With my travels as inspiration, I became a storyteller. I saw how people were captured by stories, and wherever you are, to connect with people, you need authentic, unique, genuine communication. Storytelling, to me, is far more memorable than any sales spin.

If you want to know my creds, along with my degree I also have a diploma in editing, and I’ve worked with both print and web media across a wide range of businesses and industries. I spent three years as an editor for AA Tourism, work closely with top NZ web designers and graphic designers, was a marketing copywriter for WorkflowMax (a Xero owned product), create online content for the biggest online retailer in Australasia, and currently manage the marketing for an emerging NZ SaaS company.

But, if you want to know where my inspiration comes from, I’ll tell you it’s working with passionate, interesting, bold, brave people. People who are living their dream, following their passion, taking a risk, conquering goals, sharing their talents, pursuing that thing that puts a flutter in their belly. I love to share these ‘stories’, and every single person or business has a worthwhile tale to tell.

Whether it is to sell your service, your product, or your ideas, the way to capture the clients you really want to work with is through authentic communication to foster a truly genuine relationship between you and the reader.

Want to chat more? Get in touch, I’d love to discuss how I can help.