Authoritative, thought-leading blog content

Are you an industry innovator? A trail blazer with influential, ahead-of-the-curve thinking?

Then what you don’t need is another blog post that gets lost in the noise.

What you do need is differentiated, authoritative, thought-leading content.

I don’t write blog posts; I write conversation-provoking and industry-positioning articles that take your bright ideas and communicate them with the world in a way that gets your name noticed.

I’ve worked with CEOs, business owners, innovators, creators and visionaries across a range of industries (particularly in the technology sector), writing on their behalf to help get their voice and influential ideas heard by more people.

If you, like them, have ideas that you know can make a difference, but don’t have the time or the inclination to write, then as a business-savvy copywriter, I can help.

Are you ready to claim your space as an expert in your industry?

I’ll get into your head, and help translate your indepth knowledge into something that your audience can easily consume. We’ll collaborate on a content calendar, you’ll share your perspectives, experience and authoritative opinions, and I’ll pull them together into a piece that makes a statement about you (or your brand’s) knowledge and expertise. 

No fluff, no regurgitated noise, no bland and stale commentary. 

The result? Content you’re proud to put your name behind, and a portfolio of thought-leading writing that boosts your credibility and profile with both clients and industry peers alike. 

This content isn’t about sales spin or ticking the SEO box (although great content will help with that); this is about serving up value and sharing your vision. It starts conversations with the right people, it plants seeds for collaboration, it leads like-minded thinkers to your website, and it captures the attention of decision-makers.

Cost per blog / article: starting From $240 + GST

It starts with a chat. Tell me what you’d like to achieve, and let’s see if I’m the right fit to help you share your game-changing thinking with the world.