‘About’ ‘Pages & Brand Stories

You’re not an average business, so why would you want an average ‘about me’ page?

After your home page, do you know what the most visited page on your website is likely to be? Yup, your ‘About’ page or your personal bio.

Liking and trusting someone are important factors in buying decisions. For small business owners and solopreneurs, a genuine ‘about me’ page can be the clincher that gets a new customer over the line.

A good about story doesn't tell people who you are, it shows them what you're made of.

It seems your About page has a lot of work to do, so it’s a page that needs a bit of love and attention, but unfortunately it’s often the page that we whip together with a cringe.


Been staring at a blank screen?

It can be hard to write about yourself. So I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve...

...Just not sounded genuine

Writing your professional bio for your website can feel a little awkward and confronting and embarrassing and suddenly you’re on the edge of an existential crisis - so you say something flowery and a little untrue because you think it sounds like the right thing to say. It might be over-inflated or under-inflated, but whatever it is, it doesn’t feel quite… right.

...Taken the safe route

It’s easier to stick with the facts - the boring ones like where you went to school, what you studied and how many years you’ve worked. But is that really what makes you so good at what you do? Does it make you stand out from the business down the road? Nope, it’s all the fun and interesting bits in between that are really going to win hearts. But how do you weave them into your story without sounding like a chump?

...Not really hit the mark

You’ve got a bloody good business, you love what you do, you’ve got something that no one else has got… but your bio is falling flat in making you sound like the freakin’ genius that you are. What you need is a little whizz-bang to your words, but you can’t seem to find the right ones...

...Just honestly felt a bit shy

From one introvert to another, I know just how hard it can be to talk up that special-kind-of-magic that you’ve got inside of you, but if you don’t, then who will? (Actually, me. I will.)

So how do you package yourself up onto a piece of paper that is going to make potential customers fall in love (or at least click that ‘contact me’ button).

Here’s that pedestal you’ve been looking for

I’ll pull out the most powerful parts of your story, weave in your ‘why’, and sell your superpower in a way that will have even you convinced to pick up the phone to hire yourself.

You’ll get a bio that ticks all the boxes:

  • Professional, without the pomp

  • Personality packed, that genuinely feels just like you

  • A bit of intrigue, because let’s face it, you’re interesting

  • Authentic, because maintaining an image that isn’t ‘you’ is exhausting and unnecessary

  • Effective, in that it connects with the right people

  • Reader-centric, yup, somehow, in among your story, you still manage to keep your customer at the centre of it all

Be proud of the online version of ‘you’

Because that’s exactly what your bio is. It’s you, your story, your dream, your life, condensed onto a page - and it could be your best selling point.